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The Agricultural Producers Association of Horticultural Agios Athanasios Drama, is located in Agios Athanasios Municipality Doxato, Drama Prefecture, is recognized as an organization (Group) Producer (OD) under Reg. EU 2200/96.
Its main activity sector is the integrated cultivation of Rodia, the rational management of installations of Rodia plantations and processing of pomegranate production, with sorting, packing, and juice production.
The organization chart of Agricultural Producers Association of Horticultural Agios Athanasios Drama, is the following:

Plantation – Production
The pomegranate crop is one of the largest growing efforts in Greece and the Mediterranean basin. Members of the Association were looking for new alternative crops to upgrade the productive capacity of the Greek cultivations, which for years
degraded producing conventional and uncompetitive products. 9,000 acres - 900 growers, from Greece, new and traditional, with the contract farming system are cultivating pomegranates. The association created also the first Greek vertically integrated production unit and pomegranate processing. With a production of 2,000 tons in 2012, processes and offers in Greece and globally, fresh pomegranates, pomegranate seeds, pomegranate products and the Greek 100% natural pomegranate juice.

Association uses some new/ innovative technologies and methods:
The juice production procedure uses clear juice technology only from the seeds of the pomegranate, removing external and internal skins.
There is steady investment in research, development of technological advances and the development of new high added value products: in collaboration with the National Research and Technology Center, exploiting with innovative methods the residues of pomegranate in order to produce Briquettes combustible material, ecological cosmetics,Implementation of green development, production of green products, reduces pollution,import substitution to export modern products and contribute to real and sustainable development. The Association offers to new farmers who want to join:

  • Excellent quality certified high fruiting trees in various sizes
  • Complete irrigation equipment
  • protection equipment
  • Applied expertise in Organic farming
  • Integrated management / Agricultural support
  • Certification costs
  • Contracts absorbing all of the production from the first year of fruiting

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